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[24 Jun 2008|03:14pm]
i wedded!

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[19 Jun 2008|04:29pm]

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[18 Jun 2008|09:37pm]

aesa large 14k gold rock stud earrings - $147
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[19 Jan 2008|05:21pm]

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[31 May 2007|10:11am]

grandma gave me these eggs when she was moving last month. i took the whole collection, even though a lot of them are broken. there is another box with styrofoam eggs, spraypainted neon and decorated with sequins and ribbon. also you should know that my great-great-grandma made them, its pretty cool.
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[30 May 2007|09:24am]
camera phone apartment tourCollapse )
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[29 May 2007|10:26am]

+ front door says 'cunt' in neon orange spray paint, surrounding large inverted pentagram of same color
+ other graffiti includes marriage proposals, declarations of love
+ other structures include two room outhouse & stone foundation of what is maybe a carriage house
+ occupied at least until mid 1930's
+ home to hundreds and hundreds of copies of the mind by george e. rehberger, still in boxes from publisher
+ across the street from church where boy scouts sell strawberries in summer
+ backyard is large field of wildflowers & old trees surrounding perimeter
+ innards home to beer cans, newspapers (70's through present), candles, and other remnants of teenage drinking
+ totally vultures on chimney, two of them
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[07 May 2007|12:53pm]

we moved downstairs, its pretty sweet. the ceiling in the hallway is totally that styrofoam crap though and its ugly and stained, i might cover it with fabric but is that a fire hazard? for the first few days i thought everything smelled like pee, but it was just charlie's can of fancy feast - whitefish, gross!
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[01 May 2007|09:50am]
ive had two romantic dreams about alex cora this past week, because he runs like a long armed fat baby. the dreams are not dirty, basically he is just an awkward virgin and a millionaire baseball star and i go to his games and we hold hands, that is so lame. when i google-image-searched though i found this & this, so maybe michael is right, and he would sleep around.

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[16 Mar 2007|12:16pm]

cheap textilesCollapse )
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[15 Mar 2007|08:09pm]
a little before christmas i helped my mom clean some houses (that is my moms job, guys) and one of the houses belonged to a man named barry fink. maybe i already told you this story, but barry fink is a very overweight man, maybe in his early fifties, and he lives in a small townhome in pikesville all by himself. in his house he has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, one and a half bathrooms, and a basement. i have never seen that basement, so maybe that is where barry fink really comes to life, i dont know, but in the other rooms there is dirty blue carpet (it probably came with the house), cracked linoleum in the kitchen, one medium sized television in the living room which faces a dirty blue sofa (i estimate that it is from 1992, it has a pattern that resembles greyhound seats and also really shiny wooden arm rests, you know). the point is, NOTHING in the house will give you any clue at all as to who barry fink is. no cds, no dvds, no clothing that is not totally neutral. he eats fucking corn flakes and chips-a-hoy, if you know what i mean. in the living room there is a desk with GET THIS - a calculator and a little pad of paper that says at the top "a note from barry fink". the crown jewel of the house hangs above the blue sofa and it is a painting (in a really extravagant golden frame!) of what i believe to be barry fink as a two year old in baby blue overalls and a little white dress shirt, sitting on the ground!!! HOLY CRAP!

u-p-d-a-t-eCollapse )
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[14 Mar 2007|10:21am]
have you guys seen that guy who wanders around charles village at night and chants things like "GOIN TO THE CIRCUS, GOIN TO THE CIRCUS, GOIN TO THE CIRCUS" really slowly and also sometimes he says "MARYLAND AVENUE, NUMBER ELEVEN LINE, MARYLAND AVENUE, NUMBER ELEVEN LINE" when he is close to maryland avenue?

whats his deal?Collapse )
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[27 Feb 2007|09:49am]

+ crystal growing
+ choco boy
+ around the world in 80 days
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[14 Feb 2007|11:44am]

this is where the baltimore oriole lives, dawgs!
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[24 Jan 2007|01:10pm]
opals vol. IICollapse )
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[22 Jan 2007|04:03pm]
opals vol. ICollapse )
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[12 Jan 2007|09:31am]
foods i enjoy a lot

+ coconut milk
+ push pops
+ all squash except zucchini
+ herrs potato chips
+ lays kettle cooked mesquite bbq potato chips
+ 'kettle cooked' spicy thai potato chips
+ fragrant rice species
+ taco-ravioli (self invented!)
+ hunts tomato sauce
+ vegan gravy
+ crispy french fries
+ mashed potatoes
+ yams
+ falafel
+ hummus
+ olives (without pimentos)
+ injera
+ warm bread with olive oil
+ freshly cracked pepper
+ edamame
+ ricey-crumbly (self invented!)
+ avocados
+ lentils
+ split pea soup
+ beans
+ ricey-tofu (michael invented!)
+ pudding
+ vegan jello products
+ pancakes & waffles
+ margarine
+ honey
+ berry flavored tea
+ "everything" bagels
+ tofutti brand products
+ vegan ice cream
+ vegan pizza
+ burritos (without salsa)
+ "big frank" brand hot dogs
+ seaweed
+ baby carrots
+ "corn nuts"/toasted corn kernels from whole foods bulk bins
+ cold bottled water with a hint of lemon juice
+ cilantro
+ ramen noodles
+ basically all pasta shapes
+ hamburgers made from "gimmie lean"
+ black bean soup
+ peanut butter sandwiches (on whitest possible bread)
+ raspberry jam on toast
+ curried (almost) anything
+ green apples
+ pumpkin pie
+ key lime pie
+ vanilla icing
+ all cookie doughs/cake batters
+ most soda flavors
+ deep fried ravioli
+ pierogies
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[10 Jan 2007|12:24pm]
[note: ammendments are frequent.]

1. swim in all the oceans (or at least get my feet wet).
a) atlantic ocean
b) antarctic ocean
c) indian ocean
d) arctic ocean
e) pacific ocean

2. ride in a hot air balloon.

3. produce offspring.

4. live in another country (for at least six months).

5. see the grand canyon again.

6. float on top of the dead sea.

7. proclaim my lifelong love for someone with some sort of wedding-like ceremony.

8. learn to speak another language fluently (preferably icelandic, but i don't want to be too picky).

9. travel across america on the 'baseball-stadium-tour' (in which one obviously attends at least one baseball game at every single major league stadium).

10. learn (become flexible enough) to do a split.

11. see an iceberg & a glacier.

12. go to russia.
a) see the kremlin
b) see lenin's dead body
c) see st. basil's cathedral

13. sleep on (maybe own?) one of those special space mattresses that have 'memory foam' that remember the contours of your body and will not spill your glass of wine.

14. walk an extraordinarily long distance (will decide on specifics later).

15. see a shooting star.

16. leave the country.
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[06 Jan 2007|09:21am]

jan. 1, 2007

(in no particular order)

+ finish embroidered portraits of former presidents project
+ leave the country again (current top choices: belgium or israel)
+ visit indoor water-slide-park that everyone talks about
+ cut back on potato chips, coke zero, coconut milk, and other gluttonous urges
+ go snow-tubing!!! (before jan. is over, if possible)
+ keep the house in better/cleaner shape
+ complete remaining necessary community college credits/transfer asap
+ bathe stinky more often, esp. when it rains, he is disgusting
+ complete documentation 2007 project
+ cross at least one thing off to-do-before-death list
+ dont cut hair anymore
+ do fifty sit-ups every day so when bikini season comes i will be SMOKIN
+ get rid of all unnecessary things (bras that dont fit, expired art supplies, sweaters that itch, records i am not interested in, etc.)
+ learn more about viking religion, etc.
+ finish reading otto sverdrups arctic adventures
+ read around the world in 80 days & the wind in the willows (a good version, with nice cover and illustrations)
+ wash face more
+ go to the dentist to at least get an estimate on all 'repairs'
+ visit boston at least twice (once in warm weather time)
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[22 Dec 2006|01:34pm]

anniversary III
official date: jan. 17, 2007
celebration: jan. 15, 2007

items of interest
+ herrs snack factory tour (!!!)
+ possible afternoon snow tubing
+ possible dinner in philadelphia

what else do you do in southern pennsylvania???
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